Monday, July 12, 2010

A Sonny and Beau Reunion

Kelley and I decided the weather did not look good for a family get together at the lake yesterday... but it didn't turn out to be a total washout. So, Cindi and I opted to try to squeeze in our much anticipated ride together! I took Beau up to the barn where she has Son so we could finally see their new digs and get to hang horses for a while. Cind has been doing so well with the trainer up there, riding more than ever and has even started with some western work! I keep getting phone updates, but haven't been able to see the progress myself... So, yesterday I made the drive (about an hour and a half) to ride with them.
It was a lot of fun to ride with my buddy again, I really miss having Cindi and Sonny here... it made me a little sad (not to mention the fact that Beau was calling and calling to Sony!) but they are doing so well where she is at... it's hard to be anything but thrilled for them! Sonny looks great and is such a "sexy bitch" in his Western wear and Cindi is riding all the time~ and looks great up there on that big palomino stud!
As you may remember Sonny's one big vice was shipping. This is the hole in his training that precipitated the move to the western trainer... and I must admit major progress has been made in his trailering! Yipee!! Now, this beats that terrible day at the beach~

Since he's now a big, loading horse; maybe next time we can meet somewhere for a ride?!

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