Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pier Pressure

Anybody who know Bill knows he has had serious boat fever these past few years! In fact, most of what we got when we sold Bagira was a sail boat! It didn't work out as the kids were not into sailing (really it was Olivia's terrified screaming whenever the boat keeled over in the wind that ruined it for me) and ever since Bill has been dreaming of a "new" boat. Well, she's here. Pier Pressure (or Out Straight if we ever get a new paint job) arrived today! This is a 1987 SeaRay weekender that Bill has researched and feels like is the perfect boat for us!
There is a nice little cabin and room for all of us if we want to do over nights with a small kitchen and toilet. It has the capabilities to do into the ocean or lakes and such. It is 23 feet long and will do nicely for a "starter" boat- it will go fast enough to pull tubes or water skis and is still small enough to easily trailer in and out of public launches so we can explore all around. We had to borrow a bit from my Mom and Dad (thanks guys!) since Bill had not saved enough when this one got dropped in price but it was still within our boat budget. It needs a little cosmetic work, but everything runs great and Bill has big plans for us... Pier Pressure!

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  1. Park it next to the trailer- that boy has some big toys!! I can see Grandpa Bill having a cup of coffee on it at the barn, lol... makes me think you will need some kind of portable coffee pot!