Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wes is Among the Mobile

Westley officially crawled for the first time last night with one full hand, hand, foot, foot stride. Bill hurt himself at work and we were in the midst of a big thunder storm so I served dinner in the living room... all of us were sitting around with our plates on our knees and Wes wanted to get Brother's dinner badly! Billy and I were on the floor with our backs against the couch, I put Wes down in front of me, and he clearly moved all 4 hands and feet very focused and motivated to get to Billy's rice and corn! We moved him back away from the plate and he did it again! I decided that even though it wasn't very far, that since he lifted both hands and pushed with both feet/knees that it was his first "official" crawl.

Well, today he is on the move! The hardwood is still too tough for him; his knees slip out from under. But, on the rug, watch out!! I guess it's time for baby proofing and gates!


  1. Fun times! Though... now the trouble really begins. Good luck on the baby proofing. He is such a little doll!

  2. I discussed this matter over a circumcision with Dr. Brennan this evening, and he said crawling at 6 months is officially precocious; however you spell that. Precocious I guess I am not. He agreed with me that we should get him a MENSA application right now!.

  3. How amazing!! Well done Wes and watch out world! :) :) He totally beat Sam on the crawling front - he needs to hang out with Sam soon to give him a few pointers on crawling ;)

    Lots of love, Kelley

  4. wow Alex... he crawled way before Abbie started crawling...though once they get going, the rest comes quick.. she's beginning to tackle the stairs!! and even "cruising" the furniture now... you won't be sitting much (not that you ever did)...