Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cindis Camp

As busy as we are, I couldn't let the end of summer vacation come without at least one trip up to Cindi's camp! We have gone every summer for as long as I can remember... And Wyatt was due for his introduction to the place!

He was fearless in the water as usual, and face planted a few times without much complaint. He walked out to me at one point... Walking himself under the surface. His mouth was completely submerged and he was still walking when I grabbed him! Swim lessons here we come!

Cindi had popsicles and once Wes got over being shy he remembered why he loves camp so much! I was glad to be with my friend again, in a place we have so many fun summer memories at... and the day was beautiful for making more!

We did all the usual camp stuff- dock jumping, paddle boating, stick throwing (for Bode) swimming and junk eating!

Somehow Olivia didn't make it into any of my picture- but she was there for sure! She swam the width if the lake to the blueberry bushes all by herself! swim team super star! With the wild little boys, I think she and Cinid did more chatting and catching up than I did- but that's fine by me! Cindi has been such a good friend for so long- she has known the older kids for just about as long as I have!

I'm so glad we got up there- the weather has turned and it looks like it may be cool and grey for the last few days of summer! I guess that will make it easier when the kids have to go back to school next week anyhow!

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