Friday, December 28, 2012

And round 3

By the time we got up to Grandma and Grandpa Houston's house Nic was napping. I was so surprised that Wes made it all day without sleep and didn't seriously melt down! Nic was adorable in his Santa overalls

Once again Grandma Houston out did herself, her tree was dwarfed by the present pile!

We all got many more amazing gifts

Auntie and Grandma had made a beautiful Christmas dinner, we took a break and ate then finally finished the present pile and had dessert. The parlor looked so pretty in the evening light, with the soft glow of the tree.

It was a merry Christmas, and such a pleasant way to be reminded how blessed we are, I am so grateful for the healthy and happiness of our family and friends and enjoyed spoiling those we love. Now, only 364 days until we can do it all again!

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  1. whaat a beautiful tree and pile of presents- go Beth!! -Mom