Thursday, March 24, 2011


The IEA show season had wrapped up, Olivia did so well this year- the team has been a great experience for her! I know she is really looking forward to next year. We are exploring her options for the summer show season... we shall see!

One more Cheer Competition this weekend and then we are done with that too! The Noble Shining Stars are undefeated thus far- it has been a great 1st season for Savanna as well! She is hoping to do some gymnastics classes this spring and summer so maybe next year she will have some stunting to do!

The Annual Daddy Daughter Dance is also this weekend. We found a very pretty, and somewhat sophisticated dress for Savy; she is excited and sad that this will be their last year!

Both boys are doing swim lessons. Wes enjoys it, but doesn't like to "float" on his back. Billy as usual is a fish and just loves being in the water playing around and swimming, I'm glad the kids like the water~ it's such an important skill!

I have been pecking away at my weight loss. I'm happy with my progress so far- but it is a bit frustrating to have lost over 20 pounds now, and nobody outside the family has noticed... and only a few of my clothes feel different. Sigh. I guess it just shows you how badly I needed to do this! Kelley is pressing me to go to our 10 year College reunion in May- I know I can't hit my goal by then, but it is added motivation to see what I can loose! I've started working out at the YMCA a few times a week. It's hard to make the time to get there, but Wes loves the child watch program, so that's helpful and great! I use the cardio equipment and shoot for 300 calories burned per workout. Its another goal, trying to up my exercise...

We are still battling the sickness... we have had a nasty lingering cold. Olivia is down with it again! Savanna missed 4 out of 5 days last week, I'm glad the fever struck Liv closer to the weekend! I can't wait for it to get better, I'm sooo tired of this!!

Poke is doing well, his stitches and staples are out and most of the swelling has gone down. He is back on turnout and a much happier horse!

Bill and I got new phones~ they are nice! Wes dunked my old phone into a glass of milk last week, so I'm glad to have cell service back! It's been hard not having it- I didn't notice how much I use it until it was gone!

Girl Scout cookies are in and mostly sorted and handed out, I still have a few more to deliver!

I guess that about covers it for now... busy, busy, busy!


  1. Phew I am tired just reading that! GREAT JOB on the 20 lbs. I understand the disappointment of people not noticing. I have run into people that I haven't seen since 45-50 lbs ago that never say a word or say "I love your hair cut" Really? My hair? I do think alot of people outside of family are hesitant to mention a sensitive subject like weight. But we are not doing it for them so we just have to stay on track. And it sounds like you are! So happy for you!

  2. Actually, I am jealous! I got to ten and stopped; I am semi retired and can't figure out how to fit exercise in my day; you handed out GS cookies and I ate them. Sigh.