Thursday, March 24, 2011

IEA Zone 1 Region 1 Regional Finals

This past weekend was the Regional Finals for Olivia's Zone/Region. We were so thrilled and proud that she pointed into the competition her first year on the team! It was so exciting!
She drew a cute little pony mare named Skye- her info was clear that she needed a lot of support and set-up for her right lead canter. Liv learned the hard way that outside rein is important! She was in a bad spot (passing another horse) and got the wrong lead- and late to boot! She corrected it, but in a class of 21 it was too late! The top 7 from the class were called back, and then the top 3 tested and were sent on to Zone finals. Obviously Olivia didn't make it that far- but we were so proud and happy that she competed at this show! Her weekly lessons have made such a difference for her, and she loves the girls and coaches so that's great too!

Despite not advancing, we had a great day! It wasn't too cold, and our cheering section had fun watching and supporting the riders. It will be fun to see where they place Olivia next year~ I'm already looking forward to it!


  1. How fun for her and great that your whole family is there to support her.