Monday, March 28, 2011

Wes update

Since I gave up the monthly Wes updates I feel like so much has happened. He is growing and changing so fast! We have been having weight gain "issues" In that, he hasn't been gaining! I would still call him *chunky* and he is the picture of health, he just isn't packing on the pounds! I am not worried, but we have been going in for weight checks- just tracking him a little closer. He is still right around 21 and a half pounds. He has had bouts of appetite issues surrounding a few winter bugs he has gotten. But, when he isn't sick- he does like to eat! We do Mommy and Me swim lessons and also go the weekly story hour at the library. He loves these activities. He also loves the child watch room at the Y. I was so pleased that he was willing to be left- they have fun toys and he really enjoys playing there! He especially loves their baby dolls! He is so happy it is getting warmer- he loves to walk the driveway. Pretty much daily we have to mosey our way down the lane... stompin' the puddles as we go! We are waiting for rain boots (who know it would be so hard to find infant/toddler rubber bots!) in the mail, then we will be golden!
As always Wes is into everything. He will find a way to get to whatever he wants. he is pretty much fearless, doesn't cry easily (can fall and bump without worry!) and problem solves with the best of them! Recently he pulled his rocking horse over to the bookshelf, climbed up its back and then stood with a foot on each handle bar to reach the lower shelf! He is crazy~ and nothing is safe!
He is down to one nap a day, he sleeps for an hour or so in the middle of the day, then plays hard until he crashes! Although the nights have been a little rough with the colds we have had, he does pretty well. When he gets up though, he wedges his arms under my head to try to pry me off the pillow! He has taken to pushing me around when he can.
He says Ma-Ma and Da-Da with clear intent. Bill says when I leave he crys or calls for me. Cutie! He communicates in many other ways too- he clearly understands and will follow directions. If you ask him to do something, he will do it. You can ask him to "take this to _____" or "put this _____" and he will! He also tries to ask for things and get what he needs. He will bring you boots or shoes when he wants to go out, points to things (or places where things are) when he wants them and say "Dis" and "Dat" pretty well. He nods and shakes his head for "yes" and "no." He really is growing up so fast, and amazes me with all the things he can do. Summer will be here before you know it~ what fun we are going to have!

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  1. So happy to see a Wes post, he just makes me laugh! Looks like my genetics, a plate of watermelon and brownies?!? And I swear to god sometimes I still still see red hair!!