Saturday, September 8, 2012

Houston we Have A...

"Thumb" Sucker!
Well, a sucker of some sort... right now its the side of his fist or a knuckle.  However, it's the closest to a thumb sucker the Houston clan has seen!  I'm not sure it is a permanent thing... honestly I still wonder if it will continue but we are on day four or five and he is getting better and better at finding it, and sucks like crazy when he gets it to his mouth (you can hear him clear across the house suck-suck-sucking!)


  1. Ha! I knew he needed a soother! I figured he would be a finger or thumb sucker, especially since I sucked my thumb for about, ah...maybe... 18 or 20 years, lol lol lol!!!

  2. I love the last photo of him - what a cutie! And well done finding your thumb little man :)