Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8-29-12 = 2 Months

Another month, another photo shoot! 
Our little man is really growing; he was 11lbs 2ozs this morning.
He goes for his check-up tomorrow and I suspect he will be right at the 50th % or so- he seems pretty average to me!  I'm sad already about him getting his shots... but we will survive!

 He is quite alert and happy when he is awake, he sleeps well for 4 or 5 hour stretches at night and we are moving him out into his own "bed"  He makes it for the first stretch when I first put him down, then after his first wake I can sometimes transition him back... but then for the early am feeding he always ends up in our bed.
He has started looking at things and "waving" his arms, he smiles and makes little "goo-goo" noises and is quite strong.  He can push himself up on both elbows and holds his head up very well.  He makes crawling actions when on his tummy and will "stand" when you support him under the arms. 
He is solidly in his 3 month sized clothes, but I worry the 3-6 might not get much wear unless we have a long Indian summer.  He continues to be easy going and happy- I'm so blessed in that respect!  He has developed a screech I don;t recall from Wes.  He has a very high pitched yell that grabs your attention- you can't ignore it!  He is in fact developing many more vocalizations, he has quite an array of cries and screams!  When he is unhappy holding him is about all that will quiet him, thankfully he likes the carriers and I can still get things done with him strapped on.  
His hair is looking reddish blond, it is redder in the sun... we shall see.  His eyes still seem blue- but more a denim color; not bright like mine or Bill's.  We love him so much, it's such a joy to have him here!  This next month will be my challenge with the older kids going back to school- I guess it's time for my test; think I can manage the two "littles" by myself every day?!

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