Monday, August 13, 2012

First Bike Ride

I know this year will be full of firsts...
Bill and I instated a "no screens" rule for summer weekends.  Our goal was to make Saturday and Sunday family time.  It's been nice to turn of the media and work on the house, hang out, or play together.  We have been playing cards in the evenings and Bill and the kids have been out on their bikes a lot!  I was waiting for my 6 week follow up, but now that I'm cleared it was time for Wyatt and I to get out there too!  Here is the little man's first ride:

We strapped his car seat into the trailer, and Wes rode in the bike seat.  We have been out a few times since then- it's fun for the whole family!  One major downfall to our location though... there are hills in every direction...  Bauneg Beg certainly does not make for an easy ride~ but fun none-the-less!

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