Saturday, August 18, 2012


Bill and Billy had Cub Scout camp this week.  I had decided to do a little trip up to Conway to pass the time while they were away.  The weather wasn't supposed to be all that great, so Olivia decided to stay home alone and hang out here watching the critters.  Savanna and Mom and I took the little boys and did a day of outlet shopping then Poppie and Kaleb and Jayson showed up and brought the sun!  We got in a day at the beach after all! 

Savanna had a blast this trip- she really seemed to enjoy herself!  She and Wes are both getting over a bug, so it was nice to see them feeling better and having such a good time with their cousins.  Wes was in the water a bunch- he is pretty fearless... we have to keep on top of him to be sure his bubble pack is on... he won't pay attention and might end up too deep!
I hope we have a few more opportunities to get up to the cabin before summer is thru.  I'd love to get everyone up a time or two before the kids head back to school.  It's coming fast~ and now Savanna has most of the new clothes she needed thanks to our day at the outlets!

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