Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ice Cream Monster

Up in Conway we went out for dinner- Wes is getting over a bug and has no appetite, so I didn't order him food.  Knowing he would see the dessert that came with Savanna's kids meal I did order him one too- figuring he would want hers.  Well, she picked this ice cream "monster"
This is Wes'
He would not eat it:
"Him my friend!"

Even after we told him:
"he" would melt
we could not take "him" home with us
"they" would throw "him" away

The whole time we finished our meal and Savy ate her guy he kept talking to his dessert, kept insisting he would not eat "him..." when we talked about having to go home and leave "him" there.  It did no good, we couldn't taste him, and Wes wouldn't either.  Then this:
"they won't find him"

I didn't check the receipt... I'm not sure how much this ice cream monster cost me... but "he" was worth every penny!

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  1. This post made me laugh! I can't believe he is so big! What a crack up!!