Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7-29-12 One (1) Month

I'm going to do monthly pictures with Wyatt too!
Here he is on 7-29 one month old!
His photo shoot was much quicker than any of Wes'; I think I got about 7 pictures total.  Wes wanted to be in every one, wanted the bear, wanted the blanket... there was no time to snap shots in between protecting the baby from big brother!
 After looking back to Wes' first month post, I think Wyatt actually looks a little bigger- but, he actually weighs less.  He hit the 8lb mark on his 1 month birthday- he was 8lbs .05ozs that morning! 
 He is in NB sized cloths still, I'm glad to get a good amount of wear from them... but worried that summer will draw to a close before he gets too much time in his 0-3month outfits! 
He nurses and bottle feeds- about 50-50.  He eats 1-3ozs from the bottle at a time and has no trouble going back and forth.  He sleeps most nights from 10ish to somewhere between 2 and 3am, then nurses and sometimes needs a bottle too (about half the nights he does both) then back to sleep until 6 or so.  He usually eats and naps again right away, but by then Wes is up... so my day begins!  He fitfully sleeps during the day- unless I can hold him.  He really wants to be a tummy sleeper and does so much better if you can let him sleep on your chest!  Otherwise, the swing or bounce seat will do- but he doesn't sleep as long or as well.  Thus, naps are inconsistent and sporadic... I hope he grows out of this.
He doesn't like the car too much- and he doesn't fit his car seat well either- I bought an insert that seems to help, but he still slumps over really easily!  If he isn't well fed he will fuss and cry in the car- another thing I hope he grows out of... given how much running around we do! 
He now fits the tinkle traps, his cloth was really almost too big at first, but we folded them and made do.  These days he can wear them without tucking or folding... and he fills them regularly!  He is a big pooper- goes pretty  much constantly!  Every dipe is soiled it seems.  
His hair seems to be lightening to a reddish dirty blond- maybe like cousin Nics color?!  His eyes still seem blue- we shall see! 
It's been a fun, fast month!  I can't believe it's been that long already.  Wes has done so well with the transition, it's like Wy belonged here all along!  We are so lucky to have another happy healthy baby!!


  1. He is SO adorable! Congrats again!! I sent out a package to you guys a few weeks ago. Hopefully it arrived. I sent it from my work and forgot to get the tracking number for it. Let me know if you never got it.

  2. Love it! Happy 1/12th of a year Mr. Wyatt! :)