Sunday, July 29, 2012


Our friends Bob and Cathy are so kind and generous...

They gave us their swing set for Wes!
Actually, they left the final decision to Morgan; he (10yrs) said he was done with it, and Wes could have it to play on!  We had been to their house earlier in the week and Wes was climbing all over it- he clearly was ready for his own play structure.  It was so kind of them to pass it along!  It is in such great shape too- I bet we can pay it forward when we are finally done with it too- there are years and years of play left!

After they called and offered it to us Bill and the boys and I went over and took it apart, hauled it home and set it up!

We have one Little Boy who is in Heaven!!

actually all the kids have been enjoying it!

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