Monday, July 23, 2012


Berry picking is one of my favorite summer activities!  I just love taking the kids out to gather fruits... this past week we got our blueberries!  I think Anna calculated a total of over 20 lbs we picked!
 The crop was great, and it worked out that Krista and Jack were here- so we were able to take all the cousins together!

I made 2 cakes (a dump cake and a crumb cake) and 6 pints of jam plus we ate a ton of the fresh berries.  I decided to try my hand at canning this year; this jam was my second attempt; I did strawberry as well.  I think I got a bit better this time, or at least it seemed easier!  I'm pleased with my results... I just love the little ball jars.  Come winter it will be so nice to have that fresh berry taste~ and all the fun memories of a summer day spent picking!

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  1. Way to go! I have gotten to really love canning! I'm jealous that you have blue berries locally that you can pick! We have to pick ours up in little 4 ounce containers. They don't like our dry hot weather I guess.