Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Here it is, the end of July and we hadn't been up to the cabin! 
We had blocked off a string of days to go, and then Grandma Houston's back surgery got scheduled for the same week... so I pushed our trip back.  Her recovery was going slowly, and I felt like Bill should be with his Mom during her convalescence... so not wanting to cancel again I took the kids myself... well, Olivia stayed home to help with Grandma care- so I took the other kids.
Westley and Billy went up with Mom and Dad the day before, and Wes did great sleeping at the cabin.  He was in the car and all buckled to go about 10 mins before anyone else was ready!  He couldn't get going fast enough!  Here I though he might miss me...! 
Baby Wyatt was great for his first trip- he enjoyed his first campfire and had a good time hanging out with Grandma Beth (who had a bad back flare up, and needed a snuggle partner!)  I had changed his formula and bought plastic diapers for the trip (I have barely 2 days worth of cloth even if I stretch them... and with no place to wash I would have run out long before we came home!) and by that first night his poor bum was a mess!  I went out for new formula again... ugg, and new diapers... he cleared up quick, so I'm not sure which caused it- but I sure did feel bad for the little guy!
 The weather was not ideal- sort of overcast and grey- but not too cold, and we did have some breaks of sun, but since it wasn't sit at the beach all day weather we looked for a few other things to do.  One was a visit to the local (just a quick walk down the trail) school for some playground fun!

 We also made the obligatory visit to StoryLand!  I keep waiting for the older kids to outgrow the place... but they still jump at the chance to go!  Everyone love this place!  There is the perfect mix of things to do... it keeps everyone happy!   

 Since I was intent on getting some beach time in, we did spend a day at the water- we did a morning trip to the Saco and then did the afternoon on the lake.  Mom's back was real bad- so I took all the kids, and gear and went myself.  It was pushing my comfort a bit- 5 kids and the water to watch.  Wy was in a "don't put me down" mood, do I never got to relax- I was on major Mom duty.  Sunscreen,, snacks, towels, tubes...  I had brought only one extra chair and heard a lot of "I was sitting there..."  
 I was able to finally get Wy to conk out, after flashing my breastfeeding boobs to a number of kayak and canoe groups floating by.  He was in major nurse and fuss mode and I couldn't fight him and watch the other 4- so I just nursed there by the water instead of my nice shade tent!

I felt badly Mom didn't feel great- but we still had a grand time!

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