Sunday, July 1, 2012


This past week Mom and Mom-Mom had a nice little "sprinkle" party for me.  It was fun to have a bit of baby attention as the big day approached, and I know the kids liked the goodies and gifties.  One really nice touch was that Mom-Mom brought the china we have been talking about, these Lenox plates are some I may end up "inheriting" from her- and they really are a pretty pattern. 
 Wes couldn't keep his hands out of the cake, and had to be removed from the scene a few times as he literally could not keep his hands out.  He had full fists of frosting twice I think before the snack was done! 

 Mom and Mom-Mom, Grandma and Grandpa Houston and Auntie Anna all had gifts for baby Wyatt.  It was nice to get a few things, especially since we have pretty much all that we needed- so it was basically just fun stuff!  Mom did get the sun shade and bouncy seat I wanted, so it rounded us completely out- and all the fun clothes and toys were a real bonus!
The final countdown had begun... 

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  1. You amaze me, getting out such a super post to your Blog..Pictures are incredible. Pray that you are feeling better, and keeping cool. Love to all...Nanny