Monday, June 18, 2012


Anna and I took the kids picking on the opening day at our local berry patch!  The weather cooperated and made good berries early... I was worried about the timing of Wyatt's arrival... It looked like his "day" and that of the local strawberries would coincide.  Thankfully we were able to get our picking in early, and I've added fresh berries to my new freezer. 
 I had thought about the bending over part, but neglected to factor in the fluid in my hands... I managed to pick pretty well, filling the bulk of our 2 flats myself (Billy and Wes played and ate, Savanna took pictures and helped a bit, and Olivia helped Auntie and Nic) sort of huffing and puffing thru the belly as I bent over.  On the drive home though, my hands were so bad I thought a bit about the safety of holding the steering wheel.  I'll have to think on it some since I really do want to get back to pick some more this week!

 I don't recall picking last year... I think the season was "off" and I didn't end up going. With my big fruit eater I knew we needed a serious trip! I still want to head back to get some more so I can try my hand at jam making...  we ate off this batch for a bit, then I froze them for later.  They are so good in smoothies and such... we go thru a lot of berries in this house.    
 I always figure you can't count it as a success if you don't eat near your body weight in berries in the patch... Wes certainly did his part to make that goal!  He was covered in juice... even up to his eyeballs!

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