Thursday, June 7, 2012

Go Cart

After spending 50 some odd hours together in the truck, Bill and Billy came home from Florida with plans for a go cart they had been watching on craigslist.  Apparently cruising the app while they drove killed a lot of time!  They found this cart very reasonable right near us... so they came home and dropped off the horse trailer and went back out to pick 'er up!

It is/was a project.  It wasn't running when they brought it home (in fact, it was in pieces!) but with a few afternoons/evenings of work, they got it up and going!  It is perfect size for the boys.  Even Olivia is a bit big for it... After a few days of running it they found another issue- so the fun has been sidelined until they can get the part and fix the fuel line... but it was so cute to watch them buzzing up and down the driveway.  I'm thankful its about the only flat space, I don't want then cruising too fast- but for now, peeling around the turns and spraying gravel is the best!

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