Monday, June 18, 2012


With Wes' pregnancy, there was swelling for sure... but all of that was directly related to my broken ankle.  Plus I was really immobile for much of the "swelling" window.  Not so this go 'round.  I am seriously retaining fluids!  It's to the point of crazy most days...
 I have not had ankles in weeks, I can't "bow" tie my sneakers- only a small knot will fit, and the fluid bulges over the top of my shoe by the end of the day!
If I take off my sneakers, or try to wear the one pair of flip flops that fit I end up with massively rounded "flippers" at day's end.  Both the tops and bottoms of my feet swell, so I end up hobbling around on round feet.  No amount of elevating (ok, I don't have much time for that!) or rubbing seems to make a difference!  The Dr. just looked at my legs and said "well, yeah- that is a lot of swelling!"  Nothing can be done since my blood pressure is fine... just a matter of waiting!  The weight gain has been terrible... in the past 4 weeks I gained as much as I had in the entire rest of the pregnancy.  So depressing. 
Even worse to me though, are my hands.  My right hand in particular is awful!  I have carpel tunnel so badly I can't close my hand most of the time.  I'm stuck with a claw for now, and sleeping is getting terribly difficult.  My hands wake me up often, and when I find a spot that allows me to keep my arm elevated I end up sore in my hips or back.  Sigh.  Less than 2 weeks now... and then I will hopefully "pee it all out" like the Dr. says!  I certainly don't remember feeling this pregnant with Wes... I'm swollen and ready to go!


  1. poor swollen girl ! it will be all worth it when Wyatt shows his sweet little face ! cr

  2. Sorry to hear you are uncomfortable - but the fluid will go away in no time after the baby is born - you are almost there! The last weeks are the worst and in a blink you will be cuddling your little guy :)