Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Late Liv's Birthday

How can it be 2 weeks ago already?!
Olivia turned 15 on the 25th... and I'm just getting to blogging about it now! 
 Naturally, when allowed to pick her birthday dinner Lobster was her choice!  I felt slightly bad since on her actual birthday Bill and Billy were off shipping a crew of animals down in Florida; so I didn't argue a bit about the price or "ick" factor of cooking them!  We ended up doing her family party the next weekend and she had her friends over on her real birthday- thanks to Auntie for a lot of help with that party!  I think all in all it was nice to spread out the celebration

 I think you come to realize that as you get older, the gifts seem to come in the form of green bills!  And I don't think she minded in the least!
 She also requested the traditional angel food cake:  thanks to Grandma Houston for once again making it so yummy!  I made corn chowder (we have been in a crazy cool rainy spell) and strawberry shortcake for those who choose not to eat crustaceans. 

This is the one and only shot I have of her friends.  Anna really took over for this, and I know it was a great time for Olivia!  She and her buddies went to lunch and a movie with Anna, then we all met back at Auntie and Uncle's for a bar-b-que.  It was nice for Liv to have some time "alone" with her crew, and I enjoyed watching them hang out and play... then leaving well before the long night began!  Anna and Ed were kind enough to offer their stand alone sun room to the girls for a sleeping spot (Fheww, I didn't have to set up a tent this year!) and they all hung out there!  In the morning they came down and played in the pond and hung out in the hot tub for a while.  I think Olivia really enjoyed it, and I was glad she was still able to celebrate even though Bill was gone.  Fifteen seems so old; her freshman year is almost over... driver's ed is around the corner... sigh.  Where does the time go!?

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