Thursday, June 7, 2012

Big Kid

How cute is this kid?!

Seriously, I know I'm biased... but come on... he kills me!!

 It blows my mind that in a few short weeks he will be the "big brother!" I know he isn't the first kid to go thru this... but I am worried a bit about how he will transition. He has been doing so well lately- I expect a bit of a regression; it seems to be the norm for new siblings... but for now he amazes me every day!

He transitioned so well to his own bed/room. For all the thought and worry I put into it- it was really a non-issue. He goes right to sleep and most nights sleeps all night by himself. Sometimes he wakes and asks for me- but a bottle of milk/water and he is right back to bed!
He jabbers and chats all the time. I think about 50% of the time 'other' people can understand him... but from the worried place I had been in, we have come so far in just a short while! He really verbally blossomed after turning 2. He is so smart, and wants to share what he knows, and asks questions about just about everything. He knows numbers pretty consistent to 7, misses 8 but can do 9-10 pretty well. Colors are hit and miss- although green is his favorite and he always gets that one! Letters are still a work in progress, for now its just a song we sing in the car.

He wants to read books all the time, play dinos and cars, and be outside as much as possible. He loves stickers and bubbles and playing with other people's toys (Nic's, or Grandma Houston's are favorites!) He wants to help with just about anything I am doing. Cooking/baking are fun for him and he gets annoyed when he 'can't' help. Now that it is warm out, the tractor, lawn mower, 4 wheeler or go cart are also favorites. Anything he can do outside really... but zooming around in particular is a blast!
This week ended our YMCA classes- we will take a break from swim lessons and play group until after the baby comes. I didn't want anyone to have to worry about getting him to class since they will just be starting back up after Wyatt is born. I think he will be fine to skip swim for a while, but I do think he will begin to miss the play group. Thankfully the other kids will be home, so hopefully he won't be too bored! I'm not sure if we will continue the library story hour or not... I suppose it will depend on how I feel after the c-section!

When naked (pretty much all the time we are at home) he will consistently use the potty... but when he has a diaper (night, naps and out and about) he has no problem soiling it.  I'm in no hurry- and he clearly is pretty interested in the treats he gets... so I'm not sure if it will stick or not, but for now I'm going with it!

We are about 50-50 with naps these days.  Some times he takes one, some days not... I fear he will drop them and I'll be stuck with a newborn and no sleep time... but we shall see! 

July 16th he will be 2 1/2... it's crazy!  I swear he was *just* born!  Getting out all the baby things again has been fun; talking to him about when he was a "baby" (he is a "big boy" now) and remembering him that way has been bittersweet.  I know that I'll certainly enjoy having a newborn around again, but watching the kid Wes is growing into is such an adventure too!


  1. thank you for all the new stories Alex... I loved!!! reading them.. and YES... Wes is adorable!!!! I don't think he'll have any troubles with his baby brother... he is so well loved and secure... he knows how special he is....anxiously awaiting the news of the new little one!!! hope you are feeling well and storing up as much rest as a busy Mom can!!!!!!

  2. He is so adorable! :) And well done Wes on the potty-training front, that is very impressive!