Sunday, May 27, 2012

Concerts and Such

T'is the season for concerts, art shows and other end of the year activities!  We are busy running from event to event- with all three kids in different schools (and Scouts and track and lacrosse) we are certainly on the go!

Billy had a cool evening at school one night last week or so.  The whole of the school (k-5 plus ALL the staff- janitorial included) read the same book (The Phantom Tollbooth) and then each class made a diorama of one chapter.  They displayed the book projects in conjunction with an art show.  It was a cool evening with snacks in the cafeteria and a great sense of community.
 Olivia had a choral performance the same night (and Sav had a lacrosse game that afternoon... a prime example of how I run!) and the High School music was great!  Noble has a great history of good music programs. 
Billy and Wes were tired, and we had been going straight since after school... Wes was pretty well behaved for a 2 year old... Billy opted to sleep instead of try to be "good" any longer!
 Olivia's "boyfriend" Joey is a hot topic in our household since he is a Senior... and we feel the age/maturity difference is pretty great... but he is a very nice guy and she does really like him.  I said "ok" to staying for the Senior Send-off where the graduating seniors celebrate the last show of their high school careers. 
A few nights later Savanna had what will likely be her last band concert.  She has not enjoyed her drumming this year- but stuck it out at our requests.  She was given the option of "quitting" next year- and I suspect she will let it go... she just doesn't find joy in it anymore.  Plus, this way Billy can have the drum set we bought, and we can return his rental!  One less thing...
 Billy had his last Cub Scout meeting and got his webelos for the year.  For their last big event the kids in his den went to Augusta and spent the day as Page's at the State House!  He really enjoyed it, and the tour and projects they did at the State Museum. 
I'm thankful all of Westley's "things" are during the day... we are so busy this time of year!  I wonder sometimes what we are getting into with another one on the way...  good thing we are flexible and find all this "stuff" fun!

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