Friday, May 4, 2012


Time is flying, and I'm doing such a bad job keeping up with the blog... I haven't even been good about taking pictures!  It seems that every day is jam packed, and while life is cruising nothing "big" is happening.  But, truth be told, as tired as I am at the end of the day I love every moment of it!
 I celebrated my birthday last week- I made a new enchilada recipe for my birthday dinner.  I had a "craving" and while it's not something I thought everyone (mainly Billy!) would love, I made it anyhow... it was my day and all!  I also made a cheesecake; another craving.  Blame it on the baby!  On the weekend, Beth and Anna helped Bill host a bar-b-que for my Dad and I.  It was a fun "party" as Wes kept saying!  I guess I'm now at the point where birthdays sort of come and go... not too much of a big deal, but still nice to mark the passing of another year!
 Savanna had a few girlfriends over one night, and they had such a blast!  These girls are new friends this year- and the three of them are such peas in a pod!  I love that when the district school came together Sav was able to branch out and find goof balls like herself.  We love them!!
 The weather has turned cooler (well, honestly just more spring like!) after our week of summer heat a while back!  It's been really nice to have spring.  The flowers are blooming and I'm itching to get some garden stuff in.  With the dry conditions we have had no mud to speak of, and very very few bugs as of yet (except ticks.  ick!) so we can be outside a lot!  Billy is showing some interest in baseball, and Savanna is now playing lacrosse, so Bill spends evenings throwing and catching!  The kids got new rabbits- and have renewed their commitments to help with the animals... so we have been trying to get outside for that as well.  

The horses all got their spring shots and were wonderfully behaved.  I was so pleased with all of them!  I was also thrilled when I thought back and realized that the vet had not been out since last year for shots.  Fheww!  We had such a bad run there for a while, it was nice to go "accident" free for a while!  "knock on wood" that our trend continues!!  Little Anna went up to the big barn a few weeks back, and after the pain of transition Poke to a life without her, things are ironing back out.  We juggled stalls a bit, and now they all come in as a group.  I'm happy to have them all in and out of the rain... now that we are getting some!  It made me tear up bring Poke in that first night.  I am so blessed!  I love that old guy, and giving him a stall (even though I'm sure he would rather just stay out!) again was such a treat!  In other horse news, Bill and Beth had to put one of theirs down.  Belay was a great mare, and one of my Bill's all time favorites... loosing her put him into a bit of a funk.  It was a freak accident, and having it sudden like that took him a while to process.  It was sad all around!
The official end of cheer season has come and gone.  Sav misses it for sure, competition cheer is really her thing!  She has filled the void with lacrosse for now!  We are all having fun learning a new sport... and Wes loves that practices are at the community center, so we get plenty of playground time in these days!!  Olivia has joined the track team at the high school, and despite a few health setbacks, she is really enjoying it!  Hopefully she will be cleared to participate in a meet soon and we can go and cheer her on!

In baby news, we are quickly approaching the 32 week mark which will send us back to Maine Med for one last scan.  I'll be glad to see the boy again~ he moves all the time now, and I'm starting to feel big.  I think I have the summer mapped out, I'll work Oakwoods and the big barn as long as I can handle it, and have a few more massages lined up into the beginning of June.  Once the kids are out of school I plan to take those 10 days or so to just relax, then before you know it he will be here!  I love how the little boy's room is turning out, it's honestly my favorite place these days!  I'm trying not to order more stuff- but man is it hard!  Baby clothes are so cute... I just cant help it!  Plus, Wes was a winter baby.... sooooo, I need all new stuff right?!


  1. so nice to see a new post, but I can only imagine how crazy busy you are with your wonderful family and farm. thanks for taking a minute to keep us up to date!!!!

  2. Ditto.....Love to all....Nanny

  3. Yeah I can finally look at my favorite family!!! I need these updates to live vicariously through you !! cindi