Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Savanna told me she wanted to join the Lacrosse team.  I ignored her.  Balls flying towards her face?  Running up and down the field trying to get her stick out in front of other players?  Was she serious?!  I thought the notion would pass.  She was just sad about cheer ending, and looking for something to do with her friends.  Well, I was wrong!  We nearly missed sign ups, but managed to get her a spot on the new Noble team... and a lacrosse player she is!

 The program is entirely new this year- it's pretty neat to be involved with something from the ground up. The coaches and administration are working on getting everything ironed out, and the girls have practiced with gusto! It has been interesting since many of them (Sav included) had never held a stick before.  They had about 2 weeks of practice, and then this weekend had their first game!
I think for a bunch of kids who had only actually scrimmaged once, they did amazing!  Their  opponents are an existing team who just started with 3rd season playing together.  We even got a couple of goals.  It was pretty exciting!  They have 5 more games and the other teams in the league know we are brand new... so it should be a great introduction into the sport.  I'm happy Savanna has found something else athletic she enjoys doing.

I was very impressed with Savanna, she had the ball in her net on more than one occasion, and was much more aggressive on the field than I would have even anticipated!  We still have a lot to learn, but she is having fun and I'm starting to sort out the rules etc.  So, here's to a great season Noble Lax, we are excited to be part of the team!

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  1. Just what a needed, after such a rainy day, to see you posted...so I got my Houston fix....How is your remodeling going???? Love to all...and miss you....Nanny