Sunday, May 27, 2012


This past weekend was the Girl Scout Camporee.  I am happy that Scouts is one of the things Savanna is still dedicated to- a group of girls she likely wouldn't otherwise choose to socialize with, but a troop she remains loyal to.  The girl's had their first opportunity to attend the "teen" Camporee- and we got a perfect weekend for it! 
 The weather was amazing, and the girls were great;  since my one Co-Leader Jen was running a workshop and the other could not make it... I was worried about waddling around with these 7 preteens on my own!  I shouldn't have worried at all!  They were right on top of each other and so helpful carrying my chair and bag without being asked!  We lucked out in getting one of the "houses" at the camp which added to the ease of the weekend.  I suppose it would have been fine to be in the tents- but it was nice to have the comfort of the ceiling and walls not to mention the kitchen being where I'm at in my pregnancy.  
 The teen event was pretty cool- there was a lot more for the girls to do compared to the younger aged ones we have done in the past.  The favorite by far was a cooking session similar to the food network's show "Chopped".  They had access to certain ingredients and had to make a meal with them.  They could use a camp stove, charcoal and grill or dutch oven.  They had 2 hours to plan and then cook and the dishes were judged.  Being allowed to cook on their own and showcase their creativity was wonderful!  Our girls got 2nd place with a soup and dessert they concocted.  I was pretty proud of how well they worked together and how they thought out their cooking.
 Actually, all the activities were well run and fun.  The theme was an Olympiad of sorts- they called it a try-athalon... and there were challenges and points along the way.  Savanna enjoyed herself, and I had fun watching everyone- I have known some of these girls for 5 years now!  As always, I was ready to be home by the end- leaving Wes for 2 nights was hard... and being this far along I was pretty tired, but it was a fun weekend!
The Scout camp was beautiful- the sun shining and the bugs not too bad.  I went to Camporee's here as a kid, and then went to summer camp here too.  Now having come to 4 Camporees with Savanna it's quite a tradition!  Wes was here in utero, and now Wyatt too.  Wes came camping the year after he was born, but I'm not sure Wyatt will make it- apparently this will be an every/other year thing... either way it's more memories and another Scout event under Savanna's belt! 

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