Monday, April 9, 2012


We had such a nice Easter this year!  Wes was really into the "egg hunt" aspect, and had fun finding his eggs and basket-
 With our new construction, there were a few new hiding spots... Savanna took the longest to find her basket this year!  The bunny hid the eggs in plain sight, which made it easier for Wes... but baskets were still hidden well for the older kids!
 Thankfully this year the weather was nice enough to have our egg hunt outside.  Olivia and Kateri decided they were "too" old so hid eggs for the youngest bunch and then hung out while the kids hunted! 

 After the egg hunt, the kids had time to play with the chicks- the men folk all helped me move some hay (since Bill isn't going to be able to life for a while) and then we went to Anna and Ed's for Easter dinner. 

I love holidays; I love the opportunity for my kids to make memories and I love that our traditions will be important to them as they continue to get older!  Oh, and I love jelly beans too.  I dread this months Drs. appointment weight in!


  1. oh my goodness Alex. so much going on at your farm!!! please give Bill my best wishes for a speedy recovery!!! and the house looks so wonderful, and looks like things are on track for the baby!!! Easter blessings to one and all and please know I still keep track of you and think of you often!!!!

  2. Happy Easter! Looks like you all enjoyed yourselves :) Congrats on the room completion. And I love the name you have chosen! Wes and Wyatt. So cute!
    Give Bill our best. Hope he heals quickly and he's back to normal soon. Poor guy!