Monday, April 9, 2012

Work Continued

Even though Bill was on the injured list, we were able to keep picking away at the construction jobs.  The after the tile job, the other floor that needed doing was the hardwood patch where the spiral had been.  The sub floor had been heaped with Wes' toys and piles of flooring... Bill decided that laying that out was something the kids and I could do... so he directed from the recliner (ok, so he ended up doing a lot later in the week too!) and we slowly worked it out ourselves- cutting and laying it all out.  Savanna and Billy were a lot of help and filled all the holes, helped to sand and stain and voila- the floor got done! 
 We moved Bill's desk to it's new spot here by the bay window, which left my dining room looking like this:
 Like I said- Liv did the grout in the laundry room...
 and I got Wes moved downstairs!
 He needs his built-ins constructed; but that's a Daddy job for sure!  So, for now his things are heaped up... but it won't be long! 
 I got the closets laid out, and installed... and of course couldn't help myself and got the little boy's clothes hung right up!  All of the baby stuff looks so cute hanging there!

Mom and I have some sewing to do, with curtains and a comforter cover and quilt on the to-do list.  We will add wall stickers over the change table, and Olivia is making me some art for over the bed.  I got letters, and have fabric to cover them so I can spell the boy's names on their closet doors.  We have decided (this time it's for real... although I got duped with "Benjamin") on Wyatt for the new brother! 

I'll continue to take it easy on Bill- I've got fun projects to do myself... it's nice to see the progress even though he is out of commission!


  1. Looks AMAZING!! Congrats and great job! The boys rooms look so cute - I just want to eat them up :)

  2. Wes & great..When is Wyatt due? Take care..

  3. P.S. How is Wes doing in his new, big boy room?