Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wyatt Ash

Friday was the Big Day-
Wyatt Ash came into the world 6-29-2012
 @ 8:13am assisted by Dr. Okuniewski and Dr. Scherr
A nuchal cord and knot and thin lower uterine segment proved it's a real good thing we did the section!
 He was 6lbs 9ozs, 19" long.  His head 13" and chest 12 3/4"

 Mom and Dad and all the kids were so glad to meet him!  Auntie Anna did great getting the kiddos here on time, and Daddy took baby out to the waiting room to meet everyone while Mommy got all sewed up.  I had some significant scaring- some adhesions on my bladder so it took longer than anticipated to put everything back in order!  Poppie, Grandma Beth and Jayson were also here, and Anutie and Nic too!

 Grandma and Grandpa Houston came later in the day.  I had some serious neausia and ended up vomiting most of the morning, the room of visitors cleared pretty quick after I started getting sick, so it was great to have them show up as I was starting to feel better!

 Savanna had done her nails blue with "baby Wyatt" spelled out on them in celebration- it was very cute!
He has darker hair frosted lighter at the tips, but light eyebrows and lashes- I think he will be a blondie of some sort. His eyes are not clear yet- a blueish, brownish, green! What color they will be is still uup for debate.
Wes has done much better than I anticipated. He had a sleepover with the other kids at Grandma Houston's with Nic and Auntie, then at Grandma Beth's the next night (Billy and Liv went to Em's and Kurts- Dad and Em had gone to Bridget's wedding in NJ and Savanna slept at the hospital with Bill and I!) and did great at both. He got some army toys like Billy has- "big brother" toys now that he is a big brother! He had them to play with in the hospital room, and loves them! He loves Wyatt too (for now anyhow!) and hugs and "pets" him. While Dr. Brennan was examining him this afternoon Wyatt was crying and it made Wes upset. Signs of a good big brother!

Cousins Jay and Nic visited
Wes rode everyone up and down in the bed
 Bill took the kids home tonight (Sunday) and Mom is here with me now. Wyatt is doing well with the nursing- I am beginning to be hopeful that this might work out this time! He looks great and I *think* I may have milk coming in this go 'round. As of this afternoon he is 6lbs even, but I am hopeful that he will start to gain as it seems he is getting milk now. His NB clothes are a bit baggy, I almost could have used a premie outfit or two- but I think he will gain quickly~ he likes to eat! He had his circumcision done this morning, and handled it like a champ.

Welcome New Little One- We love you so much already! 


  1. OH ALEX AND BILL!!!! YAHOO.... welcome Wyatt... and congratulations to the whole family.....

  2. Love, love, love all the photos!! So happy for you I am bursting - what an adorable little guy - welcome to the outside world Mr Wyatt :)

    What a sweet little boy and lovely family - so happy for you all.

    Sending lots of love and hugs :)

  3. He is beautiful , perfect !!! I thank you for sharing your family with me !!! I love them all ! cindi