Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Papa John

Last night "Papa John" Mooers left this earth... 91 years of a life well lived

While I had only known him these last 5 weeks, it still makes me really sad to type this out now.  He was such a cool old man, and a real pleasure to be around; even with his health conditions and advanced age, he was a stubborn, loving, funny guy.  He really took a liking to Wyatt, and pretty quickly I was bringing the baby every shift.  "He's a good guy" John would say.  The two of them seemed to have a genuine connection.  John very quickly took a downward turn on my shift Sunday evening- I was scared, and unsure of what I needed to do for/with him.  We struggled thru the night and Wyatt never made a peep!  He seemed to know this was the night he needed to sleep thru.  I set him in his bouncy chair in the background, and John asked about him more than once- but Wy just slept on... never waking despite the chaos.  One of the last lucid moments I had with John was after Cindi arrived in the morning.  She held Wyatt up- he flashed Papa John a few big smiles, and Papa John smiled back!
My heart breaks for his wife of 68 years (although she reminds me they have been together 72 years!!!) Arlene.  I know at 86 that this is devastating for her, she will continue to play a role in our lives for the remainder of hers.  While I know Wyatt won't remember him, John has taught me some valuable lessons about love, and life... and about the death process.  His memorial will likely be Monday~ Wyatt and I will be in attendance for sure!
 Rest In Peace Papa John    
these pictures were taken Sunday just before his heart/lungs began their final failures... 24 hours later he would be incapacitated by the process... it was that sudden...


  1. Hi Alex, I watch you posts often... and am so sad to read this one. but what a special gift came to your life in knowing Papa John, even for a short time. I will keep his wife in my prayers, and your pictures will be priceless....

  2. All I can offer, are words that you will hear over an over again .... there is a time for everything, and he was blessed by your warmth, understanding, care, and love... This will make you stronger, and give a deeper meaning to taking ODAAT....because the older we get, the more we realize how Blessed we we really do need to realize how short life
    is...Hug the ones you love, and tell them that they are Loved...MIZPAH..<3 Nanny

  3. Hugs to you. How very lucky you are to have gotten to know him and learn his lessons of love. Even if for such a short time. How cool that little Wy got to bring some happiness and smiles in a time that papa John could really use it. Thinking of you and his sweet wife in this sad time.

  4. Oh Alex - I am so sorry for your loss - but what a wonderful connection connection they had - that is really so incredible and I am sure brightened up his days. That is the best way to be remembered.