Monday, October 29, 2012

Little Big Boy


It's been 10 days since Wes had a ba-ba!  He has had his bottle much longer than I intended, and we finally made the move to get rid of it.  It was Wes' only comfort- he doesn't have a blanket or other lovie... just his ba-ba.  We had gotten him down to only a night bottle around his second birthday- and after that it was one thing or another- his new room, the new baby... always something kept me from making the move.  Mostly I was using it as a crutch- he always went right to sleep with it!  Then, he occasionally would wake in the night and want "more milk" to get back to sleep... again, it was easier to give it to him and know he would go right back to his bed... then he wanted "more milk" in the morning... and he would snuggle in the chair and watch TV with it.  A half hour to myself in the am?!  Sure!  Then, recently he had been waking in the night having to go to the bathroom.  I surely didn't want to miss this window of opportunity- he was suddenly very aware of not peeing in his night diaper and having all that milk in the night was making it difficult... he was often up twice and then for the day by 6 or so... and with the baby's night wakings... well, enough was enough!  Last Friday he had his usual night routine, had more milk in the am on Saturday... then he slept at Grandma Beth's Saturday night and we "accidentally" forgot his ba-ba there.  Oops!  He has done so well, and I am so very proud of how it has gone.  He is back to sleeping all night- 8:30 to 6:30 or so and has been completely dry to boot!!  He cried Monday morning, for just a few moments but other than that he hasn't made that big of a fuss.  When we were talking about it one da though e told me he didn't want to be a "big boy" (since maybe then I'd find a ba-ba?!) but he was a "little big boy!"  So, my "little big boy" I am so proud of you!  I know this is/was hard- for the both of us... the last baby thing about him gone.... sniff. sniff. sniff. 
on the other hand- totally potty trained and sleeping thru the night- I'll take it!   


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  2. I had a special "Nanny Cup" for Wes, and forgot to give it to him, and then forgot to leave it w/ Beth. Will drop it in the mail tomorrow when I go Vote Love to all, Nanny