Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween and a Hurricane

 After last year's Halloween snow storm I thought I'd seen it all... Not the case!  We got a hurricane this year!!  While this "super storm" brought us just some wind and rain (and a brief power outage) Hurricane Sandy did some real major damage south of us.  Folks in NJ and NY are still recovering- so, while it was a "big deal" we didn't let "Franken-Storm" dampen our spirits.
Friday night we attended the PTO Halloween party at the school- the kids have always enjoyed this, and now the torch is passed to Wes!  I suppose we will have a few years now where we won't be "invited" before he is into Kindergarten.
Savanna had her first school dance the night of the party... so she volunteered to help set up the gym and after decorating she scooted off to the middle school.  Liv (and Selina) stayed and ran the tickets table for the fortune teller.  Billy dressed as a nerd, Wes a green dragon (not to be confused with last year's RED dragon) and Wy a horse (which most mistook for a giraffe)

 As always the kids got loads of loot, tired themselves out and came home happy campers!
Beggar's night was still slightly windy and rainy, but we hit the streets anyhow (well, Liv opted to stay with Grandma Houston) with Savanna as an 80's punk rocker) I didn't get any other pictures, since I didn't want the camera out in the rain.  We went to Deerfield estates and refilled the pumpkins and bags... I think we will be eating this until Christmas!

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  1. My oh my, how I love your Blog...Always, checking to see if you posted....A very busy Lady, you are, so don't know how you manage to do so much. Love, Love, the photos. Love to ALL, Nanny