Friday, November 9, 2012

What's up with Wyatt?!

Today marks 19 weeks with Wyatt.  It's hard to imagine life without him now...
He is such a happy little guy- very alert and attentive, he watches everything and "talks" a lot.  He is very smiley and engaged when you babble with him.  He laughed pretty long on Sunday (11-4-12) at Arlene's on the kitchen floor while I tickled his cheeks.  He did it again a few days later here when I tickled his thighs, but not again.  He opened his mouth and acts like he is going to bust out... but his laughs keep getting stuck!  He does cry when he needs something, and can be quite loud and persistent (where as Wes was much more complacent) until you meet his needs.  After that however, it's right back to happy again!  He gets bored easily, and needs stimulation- a result of being in a busy house I imagine.   
 He is sleeping well- naps are not really structured yet... mostly because my schedule varies day to day.  He does sleep about 9pm until 3 or 4 in his co-sleeper than typically he has part of a bottle and falls back asleep until 5 or so in bed with us.  I can often pat-pat him back down until 6... but he does tend to be an early riser!
 I am mostly done nursing now.  I would have liked to make milk longer... but it didn't work out that way.  I will try to continue a while longer, but he just gets frustrated and mad at the boob.  He loves his milk and holds his hands up and handles a propped bottle well!
 He still doesn't tolerate the car all that well... I have to be sure to time long trips well... a bottle and no recent sleep and he may be fine... otherwise he hollers!  The same goes for the stroller- if it ain't right, you are going to know about it!
 He weighed 15lbs 7oz this morning, and is in 6 month clothes- I'll begin to add the 6-9 month stuff into his wardrobe soon.  He spits up more than Wes and I have to stain stick his tops just about every night!  He subsequently wears a lot more bibs than his brother ever did!  He plays with toys very well now, reaching and grabbing and taking things to his mouth.  He has a few musical ones he can hit and do the sounds/lights.  He rolls back and forth with gusto and can move himself all around the floor that way!  He will often be way off in the perimeter of the room... sometimes wedged under the table or chair!   

I love this little guy!

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