Saturday, September 11, 2010

Noble Squires

If you know Savanna AT ALL you know she has been waiting since last year to try out for cheering! Well, "try-outs" went well (all the girls made the team!) and today was her first "game."
It was actually a day set up for all the area teams to scrimmage. She cheers for pee-wee football, and Noble has two squads... so they were busy out on the field today!
For having just started and learning all the cheers in a couple weeks I thought she did great! The uniforms are a bone of contention among the girls and families. Our coach is trying hard to get them replaced, so hopefully the budget will allow the girls "real" cheering uniforms soon! Despite that, I thought the girls looked great, and I know they were loud and proud out on the fields!

Go Noble GO!!