Thursday, September 16, 2010

9-16-10 = 8 months

Here is Wes today at 8 months! I had a hard time getting good pictures...
@ 8 months it is hard to lay still!

Wes has learned to climb stairs, crawls up and over anything, opens doors, drawers and cabinets. He rarely sits still- pretty much constantly moves. He was 20.05lbs a few days ago and his growth seems to have slowed. I wonder if it is in part due to how active he is. He is now in 12 months clothes and has 5 teeth!


  1. FIVE Teeth... some one needs to tell Miss Abbie to get going.. she has none.... Happy b-day Wes!!!!!

  2. I love the photo of him standing next to the bear - how perfect!

  3. Props to you for getting that little cutie to hold still long enough to even get a snap. I know that must have been pretty hard given the busy body age. Oh my... it only gets worse from here on out :) That one year birthday is really creeping up fast isn't it!