Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Yellow Taxi

Today was the first day of school! The big yellow taxi came and took my kids away

Olivia left bright and early for 8th grade. I'm so thankful that she is a good kid (some days are harder than others to remember that it's true!) since she came down full dressed and ready at 6:20 to say "bye!" I was sound asleep. Sigh. Mommy fail. I popped right up though and walked her out to the bus.

Savanna is in the 5th grade (the last year at our local elementary) and Billy in the 3rd (last year at the primary) Wes, well he was just along to see the bus!

Poor Olivia, it was well into the 90s today and all the school clothes we bought were fall/winter. We didn't get any shorts! Bill was grumpy I let her go in these "too short shorts" but bless her she got ready totally on her own and who was I to say they were too skimpy!

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  1. I guess both a happy and sorta sad day??? What did Wes do all day?? I say give 'em a good dinner and tell them you love them!!