Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Conway Lake

I don't have pictured for our latest boat adventure so you will just have to take my word for it: It was an ADVENTURE!!!

We left later than expected Saturday since the girls and I stayed longer at Kristan and Matt's wedding. After packing up, debating about risking a trip with no NH boating license and getting the boat hitched up it was almost 7pm. Wes and Olivia, Savanna, Bill and I were about half an hour into the trip when Bill looked back and noticed the trailer lights were out. Humm. He pulled over and could not figure out why they were nonfunctional. We opted to push our luck and continue on. About another 1/2 hour and we passed a Cop. Yup, blue lights flashing and we were pulled over. Sigh. The officer was very nice, ran all out info and let us on our way with the promise that Bill would work on a fix first thing in the morning.

Sunday dawned cool and windy, Bill replaced a few fuses and got the lights working on the trailer again! The kids were very excited to get out on the water and try the knee board. We launched very easily and Kurt, Kaleb, Jayson, our older 3 plus Bill and I set out to explore Conway Lake.

The lake is lovely! It is largely undeveloped with lots of little islands and coves. We cruised around a bit before the kids were too tired of waiting to try the board. Kurt and I and Savanna and Billy all tried (Savanna and Billy did great!!) the knee board and suddenly as Kurt was having a second go the engine cut completely out! There was no warning, it just made a clunk noise and DIED!!! We were totally adrift in the lake! It was labor day weekend, we figured there would be other boaters, but I think the cool windy day kept most people onshore! We opted to not radio for help (since no license!) and let the wind push us as far as we could go. Kurt and I swam with ropes pulling and guiding the boat as best we could. The kids camped out in the cabin with snacks and sodas and were very good! Bill used the one paddle we had to steer and add to our momentum. After an hour or so we hit shore and the men and Olivia and I tried to keep the boat off the rocks. It was a very bony shore, lots of big rocks... our plan of walking it back was not going to work! The cell's ha reception so we called Mom and Dad for help! Dad found a neighbor with a boat and they cam out to rescue us! Thanks Allan!!

It all ended well, Bill was able to determine that the boat somehow sucked water back into the exhaust and flooded the spark plugs. Once we were home he drained and dried them and it fired right up! So, alls well that ends well, it made for a memorable afternoon and now we know we can handle it should something ever go wrong again!


  1. Oh yay! I know it's not really broke but he should figure out why that happened... too many people on the boat?? too windy with waves going up in the exhaust? The new propellar put on backwards?? Should be a reason!

  2. he thinks the wind blew water back up... there is a one way valve that should have prevented it... dont know why that failed

  3. Sounds like an adventure! If fact, it sounds like just about every boating trip we take with my sister and her family. We always end up with a broken impeller for some reason. Just my luck I think... plus... the wind likes to follow me where ever I go on a boat. Glad it turned out to be a great trip for you though!