Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kitchen Progress

Our kitchen remodel is almost complete... there are just a few last things that need to get done (some touch up paint, a few knobs here and there, kick board...) here are some of the pictures of the updating in progress:

It took a week and one day from tear out to functional again! I'm so proud of us for getting this done. It turned into a much bigger project than I originally anticipated, but I love the new space! It feels so much bigger and it functions so much better! I'll get some more pictures up once it is all organized and accessorized!


  1. Alex.. that kitchen is beautiful!!! so much work, but it really pays off in the end.... see you are as busy as ever...keep up the blogs when you can...

  2. Wow, that looks wonderful! I love the cabinets. Beautiful! You guys did a great job! I'll bet you are so excited to have it done and functioning again.