Friday, October 1, 2010

Top 5

Reasons why Westley has to be watched at all times:
1. He insists on riding Pontiff style... He must stand in the stroller. I make other Moms cringe when we wheel by, but he has amazing balance and it keeps him happy!
2. He is determined and destructive! When he wants something (the straws, or dog food for example) watch out! He will find a way to get into it... he opens doors and drawers and can get into just about anywhere.
3. He climbs stairs. Quickly and quietly. If gates are not up... he is gone! The first day he climbed (having NEVER done stairs before) I "lost" him down here... couldn't find him until i heard thumping from upstairs. Yup, he had gone up and was playing with the tub toys in the upstairs bath. Got a gate the. next. day.

4. If he can climb on it, or over it, he will!
5. Anything and everything is a tool. He will manipulate his surroundings to get what he wants. See #2

Constant Supervision, many bruises; looking into helmets. Welcome to my world.


  1. What a great series - he is the best!

  2. Won't be long now before the cries of 'Wes ate my... whatever' are heard. Just like when you got Otis, lol. Yup, put your things away, if Otis doesn't chew them, Wes will!!