Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Standing Solo

Just this past week Wes has started to stand on his own. It's just 4 or 5 seconds at a time, but he is letting go of things and balancing before he sits down, and will stand by himself if you get him balanced real good before you let go. He is very proud of himself, and you can see the wheels turning; sometimes he ever tries to move a foot! It won't be long now before he is walking!!


  1. Wow, he seems like he's really ahead of the game. If he's standing on his own already, you are right... the walking is just around the corner. Now you REALLY WILL need the helmet. :) He sure is a cutie though!

  2. Wow - he is amazing! I think he is super motivated to chase after his older siblings :)

  3. Oh, how I love to see his laughing face!