Monday, October 4, 2010

IEA Show

Earlier this fall Olivia joined a local equestrian team. They ride with the Interscholastic Equestrian Association. The team rides out of a barn nearby and she has been having a great time taking lessons and meeting the other girls.
Our team co-hosted this show, so it was a "jump in with both feet" type introduction to the IEA world! We had to bring 10 horses for the other teams to ride, it made for an interesting experience. We brought Nic and 2 Lucky Clover horses and the remained came from others in the team or the team farm. Hauling the horses meant we had to get up at 3am to be there in time to set up etc.
Bill and I, Grandma Houston and Westley went to be extra hands and Olivia's (and the other York kids') cheering section. It was a long day, but we had so much fun! The team did great- we got 2nd overall for the day (I think there were 6 other tams there) and Olivia got 4th in her class! We were so proud! In the IEA you draw horses and ride mounts from the host team (in this case ourselves!) so you have to hop on and go with a horse you don't know. It is great for testing your horsemanship and riding abilities! Olivia just rode on the flat, but there are jumping classes too!

She pulled one of "our" horses ( a pony actually) Liam. She has ridden him a few times in her lessons, so that was lucky... but she was the last class of the day and he was a tad naughty and got pretty quick in the cater. I had my heart in my throat for a second or two, but she did so well and pulled it all together. She has improved so quickly with this program. I really think it helps to ride all sorts of horses. She is so amazing, we are so proud of her and all the other girls on the team too!

Go York Equestrian!


  1. Yeah for Olivia! She looks so poised - what an impressive young lady :)

  2. Al, I think she needs a bigger horse! go ahead, put her on the hanaverian!!