Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Grazers

After the foxhunt our little herd was locked down by the house for a few days until all the gates got closed and checked. When I finally got them put back out to pasture they were so happy! It was a beautiful afternoon and Wes was napping, so I followed them up to the field.
They made a b-line for the apple trees and went tree to tree gathering up all the dropped apples they had "missed" during their days down here. It was pretty fun to stand in the afternoon sun watching them. They are all so pretty, and in little moments like this one it's so much easier to remember how blessed I really am!

"Num, Num... We love apples!" I did watch Poke run smack into a downed limb... a reminder how how blind he is, but blessed again he was not hurt!

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