Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party

Friday night was our school Halloween party. The PTO does a great job putting on an evening of games and candy!
We invited Kaleb and Jayson, so from Left to right we have, a duckie (Wes) a ninja (Jay) Alice- from Wonderland (Savy) a vampire (Olivia) am assassin (Billy) and a pyscho (Kaleb)
We played games and won candy. I think Jay had the best time of all, he was bouncing around the gym.
The games were just right for him, he had such a good time and I couldn't help "feeding" him more and more tickets!
Wes was a hit we got loads of compliments on his costume!
We had such a good time, especially Jayson who really is at the perfect age... I'm so glad the Roth's could join us! We got lots of candy and I love how the school party gets you into the spirit of Halloween... Plus it allows for a round one of candy trades!


  1. How fantastic!! I love everyone's costumes - the y all look great! What an adorable shot of the ducky bottom :)