Saturday, October 23, 2010


One year ago from the day of the foxhunt was the afternoon I fell and broke my ankle. I meant to do an "anniversary" post but things got away from me! So, here is how my ankle looks now, at a year and a few weeks! The scar has healed well, it's certainly there, but barely noticeable I think... If you catch it from the right angle it is raised and slightly reddish purple but overall I'm OK with how it looks. My use/function is also pretty good. My flexibility and range of motion are still somewhat limited, if I kneel on my knees and sit on my lower legs I can not get my right leg flat to the floor. Other than that I can do just about everything else I want! Occasionally (mostly at the end of the day or middle of the night) it hurts when I first step down but only sometimes and it's just off and on even then. Every now and again when I ride my toes go numb, but besides these minor things I have full use. If it never gets any better I am OK with it, I'd like for there to be a tad more progress, but if this is as good as it gets I'll be OK too!
To add to my ankle scar I've gotten a new one. I had to have a small lump removed from my shoulder this week. This little lump has been bothering me for a while and i finally went in to have it checked out. The Dr. doesn't suspect it is anything to worry about, it looked like a fibroma to him... but we still have to wait a week for biopsy results. I've got three tidy little stitches there, but no pain or anything, so I am happy we opted to take it off. I will have another little scar to remind me though...

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  1. my ankle that I broke (when I came off a horse) is about where your's is at.. and after almost 15 years, I guess it's where we shall be. It aches when I have been standing too long (like at the post office)and I can't quite keep my "heel down" when riding until I am quite warmed up... but all in all, it's good. I just loved the "monster" blog... and seeing the kids all together.... keep em coming OH and the kitchen looks amazing....