Saturday, October 16, 2010

10-16-10 = 9 months

Another month has passed, which means Wes is 9 months old!

Staying still is very hard for us these days... we are on the go all the time!

I am so lucky to have a happy, healthy baby, and before long he won't be a baby any more! He is about 21 pound now, eating solids about 40% of the day... he likes "real" food better than baby food: yogurt, toast, crackers, fruit... He loves being outside, playing with the "big kids" and climbing stairs. Westley laughs and interacts with us so much more these days; you can almost play with him now... He is trying so hard to walk. He stands for a few seconds at a time and creeps along the furniture like a champ! Holding a finger he can walk down the hall... it won't be long now!


  1. I'll call the house on Sunday, but Daddy thinks we should stop on the way home from Conway to see the kitchen and Wes, and everyone!!

  2. What an incredible little guy - and I love those teeth! :)