Sunday, October 17, 2010

Grace's Big Ride

Since getting Grace this summer I have not had much time to put into riding her. She is super happy just being part of the herd, and the few times I've gotten on she has been good but for the most part she just hangs out. Olivia and I "play" with her, but she hasn't had much saddle time; but today I changed that!
Linda's (my riding buddy) horse Miller has an abscess that is still clearing up and we had wanted to ride this weekend. It is pretty much peak foliage season, and we both had today free. I was bummed when Miller came up lame... but then Linda suggested taking Beau and Grace out! What a brilliant idea! When I work Grace, I've always had Beau out too, so it was perfect for Linda to come and hop on him while Grace finally made her debut in the woods!
We went out for a little over an hour. I'm not sure how much time she has spent hitting the trails, but she was great. She was plenty forward, and not too upset to be out in the woods! Beau is a good babysitter, and helped her I'm sure, but she was a very good girl. She threw a few small "tantrums" but always went right on from there, mostly she kept telling me she wanted to come home, but then would go on with some encouragement. She wasn't too sure about water, and I'll need to do some work there, but for the most part following Beau she was good!

For his part, Beau was particularly happy to have her all to himself for a while! Linda and I both had a good time and decided we need do it more often. It was great to have Grace and Beau out together so hopefully I can take her up on her offer to help me turn this little miss into a trail horse!


  1. I did the exact same thing today with a great friend. Everytime I go I say I need to do this more. It was my friends first time ever out on a trail. She loved it!

  2. That's great that your first trail ride with her was a success. Totally makes me jealous though. I can't wait to get back on after I have this baby. I've missed it!