Friday, January 22, 2010

A Labor of Love

This is what 25 hours of unmedicated labor then three hours of pushing does to a woman! A few days after delivery, when I was going thru the camera and saw this shot, I laughed so hard I thought I might rip out my stitches! It hurt so bad, but I couldn't stop! I just think the look on my face is priceless. The "these few pain free seconds in between contractions are the best moments of my life" look! I still crack up now looking at it! Clearly not one of my most beautiful moments; but now that I have this mental image of myself, this is how I want to remember Westley's birth!

My contractions started about 10pm Thursday evening. I decided that maybe I had better try to fall asleep- thinking I was either going to need to rest now while I wasn't sure these were real contractions or maybe that if I fell asleep Id be fine in the morning! Well, neither was the case. I was up all night watching the clock- moving from the bed to the living room as I needed. I spent most of the time watching T.V. and debating with myself if this was indeed labor. By 5am or so I woke Bill (after trying unsuccessfully a few times during the night) ready for some company and pretty sure that these were indeed getting closer to 5 mins apart and feeling pretty real. At 6:30 as Olivia was headed out the door I was already on the phone with my Mom. I knew she had done a 1/2 shift at work and was likely just a few hours into her sleep, but I needed reassurance. She suggested the tub which is right where I went! I soaked an hour or so while Billy and Savanna got themselves ready for school (for a cute interpretation visit Savanna's blog: ) then after Bill took them out to the bus I worked thru a few more then decided it was time to call the Docs.

The OB on call suggested that we go ahead and come in, so after packing up the last few items we needed we headed to the hospital. Mom met us there, and we were hooked up for some monitoring and an internal exam. I was fully effaced and 5cms dilated! We were staying! I had been nervous that this wasn't really labor and if this was not the real thing, I was in for it! I was glad to be there, and ready to have our baby!

We labored well, progressing about a cm an hour all afternoon. Bill and my Mom were great, Cindi and Kryslin popped in for a while, my Dad brought Jayson for a visit and Em came after work. By the time school was out and Auntie Anna brought the kids we were really in the throws of it. By about 8pm or so we were ready to push. Well, we thought we were... I had just a small lip remaining, and Dr. Jones thought pushing might move it along, but then after a few pushes it slipped back and she wanted me to wait another hour. Another hour?! I was pretty tired by this point, and really was disappointed. So, as per her suggestions I got an Iv put in, got some fluids and something to help me sleep. It was supposed to give me a 1/2 hr of rest... I slept an hour or so right thru the contractions! When I was back ready we began pushing and we were not making much in the way of progress so, we were discussing the possibility of a c-section, but I wasn't ready to go there yet... so we opted for another hour and a reevaluation. When midnight came and we were still in the same place I knew that with my fatigue and our lack of progress the section was going to be our best bet! At that point I was up so long, and without pain meds I was getting tired of contractions and just wanted to have my baby! We agreed to the c-section when she said that after all that work, he was at 0 station, and she could push his head back out of my cervix... he just wasn't going to engage!

So, via c-section 1:06 am Saturday January 16, 2010 baby boy Houston was welcomed into the world! He shares a birthday with my Mom- a very special bond for them. And, Saturday was the day Bill predicted he would be born. All in all, it was a great labor. I just kept focusing on the fact that each and every contraction was bringing me closer to meeting my baby. It was a bit disappointing to go that far and end up in the O.R. but, in the same sense my montra rang true. This too was just one step closer to meeting the baby. It was along and twisted road that brought us to that room, but we made it and our baby is healthy and beautiful and I am so blessed to have him! I smile and laugh when I see that picture- the look of contentment during the labor is exactly how I want to remember bringing Wes into the world!

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