Friday, January 8, 2010

Outdoor Odds and Ends

Yesterday I was home alone all day. Bill was shipping a horse from Ny, the kids were at school and I was just hanging out. It was beautiful and sunny, the temps hit 30 degrees and even though I knew it wasn't maybe the safest or best of ideas, I snuck out to the barn! I walked the long way around- on the plowed drive and kept my cell in my pocket the whole time! Poke was the only one who seemed really glad to see me. They were all pretty happy to have a lunchtime flake, but he left his hay pile and strode right up to say hello the moment I went in the gate. I love my old man!
I'm sure Beau is a little miffed- we were spending quite a bit of time together there for a while, and then 'poof' I disappeared! I tried to explain it to him, but gave up as he clearly just wanted me to move over and let him lunch! I took off his blanket and did a quick groom, I wanted to get my hands on him. His weight looks great, and the left hind seems tight and there is no tenderness that I could find. He is terribly scurfy- needs a REAL good grooming, but mostly just wanted lunch- thank you very much! I miss my boy- we will have to get started with some ground work etc. once the baby is born and I get a little steadier on my feet! Walking on the uneven snow and packed trails was pretty tough, and I ended up just sort of standing by and watching them munch their hay.
Squeeke also had her blanket on, and was more interested in hay than me. Silly little girl! The two of them both had halters left on, not something I typically do, but I guess it does make it easier for the girls who have been a huge help with horse care. In fact, Olivia does evening feed solo just about every night now, she is really getting to be down right useful! I was a bit shocked at the barn- hay chafe and twine everywhere... a huge pile of empty grain bags... blankets on the floor... and "gasp" stall cleaning is certainly not up to my standards... but I really shouldn't complain. They are doing a good job- everyone was happy and had plenty of weight on them. I was glad to make the trek, even though I knew it was maybe not the safest thing for me to be doing. I spent about 1/2 an hour saying hello and such, then figured I'd better call it good! I just wanted to touch base and pat noses, check weight and coats and have some fresh air. Like all of you I'm sure, my animals are so therapeutic! I knew I needed a horse fix, and snuck in the chance to say "hi" to them. Hopefully I can sneak back out there soon- I sure do miss my horses!
On the way back to the house, I found this cute little scene- not sure if you can see it well- you may have to click to enlarge it... but there was this most adorable little set of critter tracks in the snow, that ended up heading down a little hole...right into the "gas tank" of the little Fred Flinstone car that got left out in the snow! I was tickled at the idea of some little mouse or mole or whatnot seeking refuge in the kids play toy! Cute- but don't let the cats know!


  1. just saying hi.. loved seeing the horses, and I know how you feel about that "old guy".. I am the same about mine, and yes, who can "do" a barn better than us, but as long as the basics are being tended too.. at least that is what I told myself when I was at "work" on Mon/Tue... take it easy, you'll soon be back to your old self and spring is on the way... ya!!!!

  2. I've always felt that there is nothing more therapeutic than spending some good time with the horses. They are definitely good for the soul :)