Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Fall Happenings

We are having an unusually mild fall (despite 2 full snow storms!  Wacky!!) which has meant we have been able to be out and about.  Anna and I have ridden in most of the Wednesday hunts, and we went to a beach ride as well!  Beau was very good, and I went again with Linda and Miller and he was fine then too.  I'm hopeful his shenanigans from last year are behind us!
 The group hosted a nice lunch that afternoon at the beach, and Nick was too cute in his blue bunting sitting by the trailers!
 We have slowly been stacking the firewood- Bill was so busy with the barn this summer/fall that we opted to buy a few loads.  So, its a much easier task- we only need to stack it... but somehow we are behind!  It won't be too long now before the cold weather really hits... so we had better get a move on.
 At Billy's Cub Pack meeting, his Webelos group did some skits- he had fun getting up there and "acting."  All the kids in the pack had roles or told jokes/poems.  They were all very cute and we had a nice potluck meal as well!
 I just loved this picture of Grandpa Houston and Nick~ sitting in front of the farm house
 The horses are all happy and well, Grace and Beau and Squeeke are into the routine of coming in at night, and seem to enjoy the barn!  For the most part they have worked thru all the apple trees, but still have green grass.  It's been such a mild November!
Savanna's football cheer season is over, and competition has begun already! 
Olivia had 2 more IEA shows, but I missed both... one when Savy and Billy had activities and BIll took her and one while I was Black Friday shopping.  She got a first and then a 4th place... she has one more show (but not until February) to make her points for Regionals. 

Time is flying, and soon winter will be upon us!

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